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ABA Parent Training Topic Idea - Community Signs

ABA Parent Training Topic Idea - Community Signs

One of the most important skill areas that an ABA provider (BCBA, BCaBA, teacher, etc.) can utilize as an ABA parent training topic is the area of life skills.

Making life skills an important ABA parent training topic is one of the best paths to take in your ABA parent training curriculum.

When developing ABA parent training curriculum, consider focusing on helping the child to learn about community signs.


In ABA parent training, ABA providers can help parents to learn effective ABA concepts that are applicable to teaching their children about how to identify signs found in the community. This is essential to help the child learn various safety skills, such as being able to recognize a stop sign, understanding a walk or don’t walk sign, etc.

You may consider checking out this product that provides an excellent assortment of community signs and symbols. ABA providers can use these to work with the child during ABA parent training sessions, one-on-one direct ABA, and/or talk with parents about possibly getting these items to use with their child.

Parents can oftentimes learn how to implement ABA concepts based upon the service provider modeling the concepts. With that being said, you may want to purchase these cards, model to the parent how to use them, and then the parent can decide if they want to get a set of their own cards to help their child work on the skill outside of session.

Survival Signs and Symbols – National Autism Resources

Click on the image below to learn more about the community signs product.

Research Review of Group Parent Training

Research Review of Group Parent Training