Service Directory Listing

Service Directory Listing

49.00 every month

Do you provide ABA parent training services? Would you like to be featured in our ABA Parent Training Service Directory?

By signing up for our directory, you can show your support and commitment to parent training. Potential clients can even find you knowing that you will value family involvement in their ABA services.

We will also provide FREE advertising and marketing of your service with your subscription to the service directory. Advertising can be a great way to help increase customers, show your mission to help families, and much more.

Typically, advertising can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but with your service directory listing, you’ll get free advertising services through promotions on our site, featured recognition through social media and throughout the web, and recommendations from us!

One more thing….

Use coupon code “PTMONTHFREE" to get your first month on the service directory listing FOR FREE.

*ABAPT has the right to decline any directory listing request as we only publish high quality recommendations.

Disclaimer: We don’t claim that this will be the only advertising you need for a successful business, but it can certainly help.

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